Providing Protective Solutions for Laminates

It’s easy to protect decorative laminates with Polifilm’s innovative high strength plastic films.

The plastic films that we make for the laminates market are thin – usually 30-40 microns, but they have the strength in rigidity and impact resistance of a much heavier film.

We use a mixture of high density polyethylene to provide improved performance characteristics in the film, making it ideal protection for the smooth laminated boards used by kitchen manufacturers and cabinet makers.

Depending on the laminate’s gloss level we can use either low adhesion level material for high gloss surfaces or alternatively higher adhesion level material for rougher finishes.

Usually transparent films are used to allow for the easy inspection of laminated surfaces while the protective material remains on.

Your Broader Surface Protection Needs

Stainless steel, aluminium, carpets and flooring plus glass and windows, are some of the other surfaces that our protective masking films help keep in top shape. All of our protective products are made by the Polifilm group which is headquartered in Germany.

Our team at Polifilm Australia have the ability to quickly process both large and small orders. For orders that we receive by 11am dispatch is done on the same day. Interstate orders typically have a two day turnaround.

From temporary window protection to clear plastic sheeting, we can help you with any of your surface protection requirements. For more information phone Polifilm on 02 9729 0857 or inquire online.