Surface Protection for Stainless Steel

When it comes to adhesive systems and protective films for stainless steel surfaces, we are Australia’s premier choice.

Polifilm manufactures and supplies a range of quality protective film products that cover a variety of stainless steel finishes and surface conditions.

No matter if it’s a rough surface or high gloss, it can be protected with one of our innovative protective masking film solutions which can be tailored to meet customer requirements.

Modifications can include easy to remove surface protection films or deep drawing application requirements for the manufacturing of a sink as an example. It could also be as simple as colour requirements or having a logo printed.

We also have innovative surface protection film products suitable for CO2 and fibre optic laser cutting processes.

Other Surfaces

Aluminium, glass and windows, laminates plus carpets and flooring are some of the other surfaces that our protective masking films provide superb protection for.

All of our products are sustainably made by the Polifilm group which is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Germany. Polifilm Australia has a facility in the Sydney suburb of Smithfield where we store a large amount of stock and use CNC controlled lathe slitters to ensure that our customers’ orders are cut to the highest of standards.

Our team’s goal is to quickly process orders and if we receive an order before 10am then dispatch is done on that day. For interstate deliveries it is usually a two day turnaround. For further information phone 02 9729 0857 or inquire online.