In today’s commercial environment, premiums are placed on a faultless finish and rejected products not only affect a business’s bottom line but its reputation.

Polifilm supplies the manufacturing and construction industries in Australia with quality protective film to defend the value of critical surfaces during the manufacturing, finishing, assembly, and delivery cycles.

Our versatile range of plastic protective films are designed to prevent abrasion, marring, scratching, or the staining of exposed surfaces. Among the surfaces they protect are stainless steel, laminates, aluminium, carpets and flooring plus glass and windows.

No matter if it’s about carpet or temporary window protection, our professional staff are always on hand to help you with any of your surface protection film requirements.

From our modern facility in the Sydney suburb of Smithfield we can provide prompt delivery no matter where you are in Australia.

All of our products are manufactured within the Polifilm group. We share expertise and resources worldwide to ensure that our customers gain from our use of new technologies and a shared commitment to quality.

Here, we would like to keep you informed on developments in surface protective film solutions and how they can assist you and your business.

For further information on how we can help with your surface protective film requirements phone Polifilm on 02 9729 0857 or inquire online.